Krysti Sumner

Hi, I’m Krysti Sumner! I’ve been passionate about CrossFit for about six years, and it has truly transformed my life, boosting my confidence both inside and outside the gym. I’m excited to help others experience this incredible journey, grow within the gym, and become the best versions of themselves. Let’s achieve our fitness goals together […]

Dee Greene

Hi, I’m Dee Greene! While I’m new to the CrossFit coaching world, I’ve been passionate about CrossFit since 2013. With 29 years of experience teaching land and water aerobics, I truly appreciate the full-body workout that CrossFit provides. CrossFit Shelby is more than just a gym; it’s a family. We motivate each other and hold […]

Joey Bailey

Hi, I’m Joey! After living a pretty sedentary lifestyle in my 20s, I discovered CrossFit in 2016, and it transformed my life. Two years later, I earned my Level 1 certification and began coaching. Since then, I’ve steadily improved, allowing me to compete in local and regional CrossFit competitions with friends (and even beat Ryan!). […]

Matthew Martin

Hi, I’m Matthew Martin! I discovered CrossFit through some friends and quickly fell in love with the variety and challenge of the workouts. Over the past seven years of coaching, I’ve had the privilege of watching people grow and achieve their goals. My mission is to help you discover your “why”—whether it’s in the gym […]

Tyna Waters

Hi, I’m Tyna Waters! I’m an ER Nurse and have been coaching CrossFit for 8 years. I have experience with kids all the way to seniors! In high school, I played a variety of sports and competed at the state level in track and field. Once I discovered CrossFit, I fell in love with the […]