Rich Berkowitz

Position: Owner

Dr. Rich Berkowitz is one of Shelby’s vocal and active health enthusiast. From his practice, Carolina Chiropractic Plus, he has spent over 20 years helping the folks of Shelby live a healthier, pain free life. Over the past few years, Rich has taken that mission further with his involvement in CrossFit Shelby and opening a cryogenic therapy center, Cryo Recovery & Wellness.  At CrossFit Shelby, he knows can help others meet and exceed their goals for a healthier lifestyle but don’t be surprised if you see him right along side other members sweating it out and pushing himself to live the dream he shares with others, “Be the best you that you can be”. With his dedication to overall health and wellness and a passion of helping others achieve their goals, Rich hopes to continue the CrossFit Shelby tradition of creating a welcoming environment for everyone where they can find the knowledge, support and guidance they deserve to reach their goals.