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CrossFit Shelby WOD – Monday 1.8.18

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Guess the weight – win money!

As you know, there’s Baby Carico that WAS due 1/6 and Baby Champney due 1/18. Both girls! There is a box for each baby if you would like to put in $1 and your guess of the baby’s weight (pounds and ounces, ex. 7lbs6oz) AND YOUR NAME on a sticky note. Put both in the box! Whoever guesses right on or the closest, will win the money! If there’s a tie, money will be split.


21-day Primal Blueprint Challenge will

begin on January 29th.

This challenge was created by Mark Sisson of There are package deals you can purchase on your own for the Challenge, but we are not requiring you to do so. Here’s the link if you want to take a look:

If you are interested in purchasing his book, The Primal Blueprint, click here.

We will be sharing the information to take on the Challenge. Our private Facebook page can be used to share recipes, our challenges or how we are feeling, as well as any questions. Let’s get ready! If you have not been added to the CFS Athletes private page, please let Traci know ASAP if you do have a Facebook account! Contact at 423-834-2101 or


CrossFit Games Open will start February

22nd! Registration is open on January 11th.

List CrossFit Shelby as your affiliate. There

are age categories as well as RX and Scaled

divisions. Questions? Ask a coach!


A. Back Squats

Complete 1 set of 20 reps @ *

*Subtract 90lbs off of your 5RM


180 = 5RM

180-90=90lb starting weight

Increasing each time by 5 lbs (2.5 each side)

We will do these squats on Mon, Wed, Fri

for 18 days (6 weeks). By day 18, you should be close to your old 5RM, squatting it 20 times.

Avoid failure during this program.

** If you fail reaching the 20 reps at any time, start with the same weight for the next session and continue the progression.

C. 12min AMRAP of

36 DUs (SC: 60 singles)

12 Front Rack Alternating Forward Lunge – 75/55 (SC: 65/45)

8 Over the Bar Burpees