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CrossFit Shelby WOD – Friday 1.5.18

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Guess the weight – win money! As you know, there’s Baby Carico due 1/6 and Baby Champney due 1/18. Both girls! There is a box for each baby at the gym if you would like to put in $1 and your guess of the baby’s weight (pounds and ounces, ex. 7lbs6oz) AND YOUR NAME on a sticky note. Put both in the box! Whoever guesses right on or the closest, will win the money! If there’s a tie, money will be split. Get your guess in for Baby Carico soon!!

Starting Monday, we will begin a 6 week 20rep back squat program that will be at the beginning of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes. You will need your 5RM back squat to calculate your starting weight for Monday. Tomorrow is another opportunity to find your 5RM tomorrow. You may also come in on Saturday to find your 5RM.

A. OVHD Squats @ tempo 22X1* (17min)

2 sets of 3 @ 70% 1RM

2 sets of 2 @ 75%

2 sets of 2 @ 80%

*For those that need to, 17min to find 5RM Back Squat

B. For time, 4 Rounds of

400m Run*

30 Weighted Step-ups – pair of DBs/KBs – you pick weight

20 Hang Power Cleans – same pair of DBs/KBs

*IF you have been sick or are fighting a cold or have an injury, you may do 500m rows. Please discuss with your coach. Remember, CrossFit is supposed to prepare you for the unknown! So, prepare yourself to run a few 400s outside tomorrow since you already know about them!

**Post weight of DBs/KBs, run or row and time